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  • 4 The World
    4TheWorld is a US based non-profit organization (501c 3) established in 2004 to provide support to under-developed communities throughout the world, by empowering local people to collaborate, learn new skills, and improve their own communities to support children.
    Location: Gardena, CA

  • A Caring Hand: The Billy Esposito Foundation
    Our mission is to provide financial assistance for educational opportunities and bereavement counseling to children that have experienced the loss of a parent.
    Location: Bellmore, NY

  • Ailie Pearson Alternative Education Fund
    Offering financial aid and support to young people ages 16 thru 21 to obtain additional education in the field of their choice, regardless of grades. Our 2004 scholarship winner needs a vehicle to be able to go to work, and to take advantage of the $1000
    Location: Carsonville, MI

  • American Hospice Foundation
    To improve access to quality hospice care through public education, professional training, and consumer advocacy.
    Location: Washington, DC

  • Better Tomorrows Adult Education Center
    Predominantly serves an area of Nashville in which almost half of all adults lack a high school diploma and nearly 1/3 are functionally illiterate.
    Location: Nashville, TN

  • ChallengePoint, Inc.
    We are a ministry that teaches teamwork and leadership through adventure including retreats, workshops, backpacking and rock climbing.
    Location: Huntsville, AL

  • DonorsChoose
    DonorsChoose is the online marketplace where teachers and citizens connect to give students the resources they need to learn.
    Location: New York, NY

  • Literacy Volunteers of America-Prince William, Inc.
    The mission of Literacy Volunteers of America-Prince William, Inc. (LVA-PW) is simple – “We teach adults to read”. LVA-PW is an accredited non-profit 501c3 organization and is an independent affiliate of ProLiteracy America.
    Location: Woodbridge, VA

  • Little River Zoo
    The Little River Zoo is an educational facility based on the principles of Humane Education. The zoo is the classroom for thousands of kids to learn empathy, reverence and respect for all life on the planet. Humane Education significantly reduces teen apathy & violence & adult criminal behavior.
    Location: Norman, OK

  • Memphis Oral School for the Deaf
    The mission of MOSD is to develop the independent speaking and listening capabilities of hearing-impaired children. Our goal is to enable our students to become a 'part of' rather than 'apart from' a world of sound.
    Location: Memphis, TN

  • Prairie Science Academy
    The PSA is an organization dedicated to finding children who want to become scientists and training them to succeed in this goal. The PSA also offers research services in their fields of education in general and science education in particular to educators all over the world.
    Location: Houston, TX

  • Pyramid Autism Center
    The Pyramid Autism Center is a California Department of Education State Certified Non-public, Non-profit school dedicated to serving the Southern California autism community with a specific focus on children and their families.
    Location: Orange, CA

  • School News Nationwide
    For past sixteen years, School News Nationwide (SNN)has partnered with many New York City public schools and has built a solid track record of service with the New York City Department of Education. We provide service in Leadership Development and other skills with the objective of educating children, their parents, and caregivers.
    Location: Brooklyn, NY

  • Summer Institute of Linguistics
    Recognized as a world leader in language development and literacy efforts. SIL works in partnerships with people speaking less commonly known languages. As national education systems have increased opportunities and skills for these local people, they have assumed increasingly significant responsibilities. SIL is committed to enhancing their training to build further depth and competence. Working together in this manner has been shown to further strengthen cultural identity.
    Location: Dallas, TX

  • The Talia Seidman Foundation
    The primary mission of the Talia Seidman Foundation is to bring regular, high quality education to chronically-ill homebound and hospitalized students at no additional cost to the families and/or the schools of the affected children.
    Location: Yardley, PA

  • Tse Chen Ling Center
    Tse Chen Ling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies is an urban meditation and study center in San Francisco.
    Location: San Francisco, CA

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