Category : Energy & Recycling : Massachusetts Interfaith Power
Organization Number: 32-0022524
Organization Name: Massachusetts Interfaith Power
Address: 40 Washington Street
City: Westborough
State / Province: MA
Zip / Post Code: 01581
Country: United States
Phone: 508-836-9500 Ext: 3296
Fax: 508-836-3138
Organization Email:
Website Address:

Detailed Description: MIP&L is an initiative to offer MA congregations of every religious tradition a comprehensive means of reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs, and promoting non-polluting, renewable energy in houses of worship and related buildings.

Houses of worship leave a notable environmental imprint. Per capita, per hour of use, houses of worship are often among the biggest wasters of energy, and the United States has more houses of worship than any other country. Although most congregations recognize the moral imperative for stewardship, they do not always stand on the moral "high ground" when it comes to actual energy usage.

We need to become better stewards and, in the process, encourage and inspire our congregants to do better at home, school, and work. Membership in MIP&L offers a concrete way to put faith into action. Together, we will save energy, save the planet, protect human health, protect the peace and create jobs too!


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