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Organization Number: 01-0590202
Organization Name: Ailie Pearson Alternative Education Fund
Address: 7303 Walker Rd.
City: Carsonville
State / Province: MI
Zip / Post Code: 48419
Country: United States
Phone: 1-810-622-0437 Ext:
Fax: 1-810-622-0437
Organization Email:
Website Address:

Detailed Description: Let me introduce the Ailie Pearson Alternative Education Fund. Ailie’s Fund was created by Bonnie Gainor in memory of her daughter Ailie Anna Amalia Pearson who was killed in an auto accident on 3/2/2001. Ailie’s fund has been granted 501(3)c status by the IRS.

In her memory, a non-profit membership association has been established. The Ailie Pearson Alternative Education Fund has been founded to help youths in fields where conventional scholarships and grants are limited or nonexistent. Ailie herself, wanted to be a make-up artist and hairdresser. The beneficiaries of this fund are kids who choose not to attend universities. This fund helps deserving young men and women with financial support to obtain G.E.D. certificates, or to attend vocational schools and other alternative continuing education programs not normally included by grants and scholarships. These kids have talents in fields that are creative, not academic . These kids will no longer be ignored! We will help these young people, in Ailie's name. We will also mentor these young people. We will help them get jobs, apartments, and vehicles if they need them. They can call on us for any and every need they have during this year, and we will do our best to help them, or steer them toward someone who can help them.

Members of Ailie’s fund work very hard throughout the year raising funds to give away in the form of non-academic scholarships. These funds are awarded to young people between the ages of 16-21 based on financial need, motivation, and courage, not grades. Young people can attend any school or program that they choose, be it academic or
vocational. These young people cannot get financial help from any other source, and they deserve help! We also mentor these young people, and give them help in many other areas includeing getting a job, setting up their own apartment, etc.

We have been able to award $1,000 scholarships every year since Ailie’s Fund was created, and we are in the process of setting up an irrevocable trust so that these awards can be given out forever, to those that need the help most! If you would like to find out more about Ailie’s Fund, you can read more about us on our website.

Your donations would be so very much appreciated. The events held by Ailie’s Fund help young people in the community that cannot get help elsewhere, and we need all the help we can get.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and your support!


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