About Charity.com™

Charity.com™ is a charitable project and has from the very beginning strived to provide Charity and Non-Profit information in a caring but different way. There are no gimmicks, no affiliate shopping programs and no hidden agendas.

As we continue to grow, our information resources will become your resources so you can obtain information about charities, donations, charity events, how to volunteer, charity news, IRS tax-exempt resources, fundraising, grants, 501(c)3 charitable causes and more.

Many charitable sites have come and gone. However Charity.com™ will continue to expand its services so you can make the best informed decisions about charities and other tax-exempt organizations as well as related services which are provided to 501(c)3 organizations.

Charity.com™ has recently made significant upgrades to provide additional services and capabilities to users. Please continue to check back with us. These upgrades are always ongoing behind the scenes.

Prior to contacting us, please read the following notice. Due to world events, we will no longer accept unsolicited correspondence via 'Snail Mail'. Thank you for your understanding.



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